In French, L’île means the island. I created it because I needed a safe space to share and interact with you. L’île is a private community. It’s a space for stories, intimate insights and thoughtful conversation. 

By joining, you will gain exclusive access to a weekly newsletter, a platform with videos, expert talks and a conversation board to share everything we would like to talk about!

Continue reading to get your most frequent questions answered and common technical issues resolved! 


How to join

Welcome to this small, safe and inspiring community! If you are new and would like to join, click here. Follow by clicking on the ‘Join’ button and fill in your details – full name, email address, a password of your choice, your Instagram handle and payment details. Your subscription will become active after placing your order and you will receive a confirmation email too.  

You will start receiving my weekly letter immediately. To start using our platform and conversation board, simply log in to your Account, visit Garance.world and start exploring! See you there!

Membership plans

I offer a Monthly membership plan. This comes with an exclusive access to all content created by me, Garance Doré, experts I invite and you, members of this private community. 

There is a price – $8/month (billed monthly). You will also gain exclusive access to all newsletter archives, events and retreats (for when we can safely meet in-person again!) and access to content shared with a close friends group on our Instagram account!


Once you’ve filled in all of required details, you can make a payment for your membership with any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB) from anywhere in the world!

You can also pay through Apple Pay!

Gifting a membership

If you’d like for your friend, your family member, your colleague (or anyone else!) to become a part of our private space, you can send them a membership as a gift! To gift the Monthly membership, click here. Simply fill in all required details – gift recipient’s name and email address, delivery date and if you’d like, you can add a personalized message! Complete by entering your payment information. Whoever the gift is for, they will receive an email with a link to activate their membership. 

The gifted membership will be active only for the period of time you choose. After that, it is up to the gifted person to decide if they’d like to continue with the subscription and add a payment method before the membership renews.


This community is online based, which means that personal information and certain data are gathered when you register for the membership and when you participate in the community by reading, writing, replying to or liking the content that is shared. Please respect my work and privacy as well as work and privacy of other members by not sharing what you see unless you have the permission from the author.

L’île is an advertising free space and no personal information will be shared with third parties. The only people who might gain access to these are those who look after the operational side of our world or resolve any technical troubles you might experience and they can be trusted completely. Please never ever worry about your privacy!


Updating your profile

Once your membership is active, you can update your profile and other details at any time. To do so, log in to your Account and make any changes you’d like under the Profile tab. This includes your full name, email address and Instagram handle. 

Problems logging in

If you can’t log in to your Account, please check your browser’s security settings. Our membership software won’t work if you’ve disabled third-party cookies. To solve this, you can either change your settings or try another browser!

If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with the following information: Mobile/Desktop model, OS version and Browser/browser version.

Updating your card details

You can update your credit card details under Update card tab in your Account. If you see an Apple Pay button, click on ‘Enter a card instead’ and this will allow you to enter the new card details manually. Finish by clicking on ‘Update my card’ button.

Reseting your password

To reset your password, click here! Enter your email and click on ‘Send me reset instructions’ button. You will receive an email with a password reset link. It can only be used once so when you click on it and successfully reset your password, it will become invalid. Also, if you do not follow the link at all, it will automatically expire after 48 hours. 

If the password reset link becomes invalid before you have a chance to reset your password, simply delete the email and start with a fresh password reset!


Each time your monthly membership renews, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice. You can also view all of your membership renewals and invoices under the Orders tab in your Account. You won’t miss anything!


Your membership will automatically renew every month. If you’d like, you can also do this manually. To do so, click on ‘Turn off auto-renew’ button under the Subscriptions tab in your Account. 

Canceling your membership

If you wish to cancel your membership, log in to your Account, go to the Subscriptions tab and click on ‘Turn off auto-renew’ button. This means your membership will not automatically renew at the end of your active membership period and will be deactivated. If you then change your mind, you can log in to your Account and turn the auto-renew on at any time!

At this time, all sales are final and refunds are not offered. 

I appreciate any feedback and would be happy to know the reason why you no longer want to be part of the community – please leave me a note via email if you can!


How it works

Every week, I will send a thoughtful, honest (and funny!) newsletter. There will be no advertising and no sponsored links. If there is anything I recommend, it is because I tried and tested and love it! The newsletter comes out every Saturday and even though this might change in the future, the periodicity and the transparency will not!

Problems receiving the newsletter

If you are not receiving the newsletter, please check your spam/junk folder first. If it’s not there either, please get in touch

Newsletter ending up in the spam folder

If you receive the newsletter in your spam or junk folder and want to change it, try marking the email as not spam (if your email provider allows such option). Alternatively, add my email garance@garance.world to your contacts and this should solve it!

Our website


Garance.world is our online space where you will be able to access all exclusive content including the news, videos and expert talks and full newsletter archives.

The Letter

By becoming a member, you will gain access to my full newsletter archives. You can find them in ‘The Letter’ section on our website!

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is the part of our website where I post news and upload videos and expert talks. Everything happening there will always be announced in the newsletter too so that you won’t miss anything!

Problems seeing the content on the website

Sometimes, it happens that even though you are signed in, the following message will appear: ’This post is for members only’. In such case, please click on the ‘Sign in’ link in the top navigation menu to refresh your session and access the post. This should solve it!

The Conversation

The Conversation is a chat where we can meet, share and talk about anything we want! We hold all of our conversations in Geneva, an app that allows us to have a safe space dedicated to our community. Once you are a member, all you need to do is download the app (or use the browser version of the chat), create an account and join our home. It is a place of support and great resources. And more more importantly, this is where you will be able to meet each other! Find a link with further instructions and details in useful links below!



This is L’île, our Instagram account! From time to time, I would love to highlight the beautiful things you say and publish some quotes from you there! We will always ask you for your permission first and credit you. In such cases, you might hear from Dominika – she is part of the community and helps me with a few things to keep everything tidy and organized.

Close friends list

We use your Instagram handle to add you to the close friends list to share exclusive content in stories with you. These might be live chat announcements for the community or behind the scenes photographs! 

If you do not see these stories, this could be for various reasons – perhaps your handle did not come up when creating the list or a simple typo on our end! Whatever the case, please get in touch!

Also, please do not worry about missing anything – all content and announcements will always be shared in newsletters too!

Joining Instagram live chats

Every week, we will meet in a live chat on Instagram. At the moment, the way we do this is a little complicated because Instagram does not allow the live chat for Close Friends and I want to be able to do this only for the community. Make sure to follow @wearelile and check your stories a few minutes before going live – these will tell you how to join the chat. 

Once we start the live talk, you can ask anything. To do this, use the Q&A box that appears in the bottom of your screen if you watch on your mobile. If you watch on your desktop, the Q&A box is not supported there just yet. You can always email anything you’d like to ask and talk about upfront, via email!

Useful links!

Here are a couple of useful links to help you start once you become a part of our intimate space! 

A story of how I came to create this community.

A longer, in depth video to explain what led me to long for this new model of communication with you.

My manifesto. 

How to join The Conversation.

Last but not least!

This is my Instagram.

This is my public website, Doré. It’s beautiful!

And this is a link to my book, Love Style Life.


To contact me and to ask me anything, email me at garance@garance.world

If you need help with your membership, navigating our website or if you are experiencing any technical issues, email Dominika at dominika@garance.world

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