and welcome to L’île, our secret world.





Welcome to this small and beautiful community.  You can read the story of how I came to create it here. Watch the video below if you want to get to know me, understand what this space is all about and what you will find here. You can find a longer video here, where I go in depth about what pushed me to imagine this new model.

Click here to read my manifesto.

I promise you thoughtful, honest letters every week. A conversation board where you can chat with my friends (you!) from around the world. No ads. It will be a place of support and a great resource. And I’ll be present every day!

Every week, we’ll meet on our live chats. I’ll introduce you to the people that change my life.  There are many things this new format will allow me to do, but I want to grow these ideas with you, because this space is for us.

I hope to see you on the inside !

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