My Manifesto

I created this space for us. I have been craving for a peaceful and protected place to share as a community. I want to get to know you! For that reason, the idea of a member’s club felt very aligned to this project and to the values I want to bring forward. Here is my manifesto.

My promise to you (and to myself!)

  • I am the only manager of this community. Building a team was great but the more it grew, the more I felt a distance with my readers. Today, I crave a hands-on experience. It is literally just me here, and I intend for it to stay that way.
  • There will never be any banner adds or advertorials. In simple words : no advertising. I want to build full trust and transparency with you. No sponsored links either. Anything I recommend is tried and tested, and if I have received them as a present, it will be mentioned.
  • My primary goal is not to accumulate more members, but on the contrary to grow deeper relationships with each and everyone of you, and to create better work that is not guided by the need for “likes”. I am not placing a cap number on the members yet, but it could happen at some point – because my primary goal is to keep things intimate and real.
  • The community is online based, but not only. Keeping the spirit of sharing, I want to create events and meetups, and I encourage for you too meet each other where you live. Let me know how I can help facilitate! Anytime I have traveled in a city in the past, I have been dreaming of having a coffee with you, go to a restaurant, create a special moment for us. The privacy of this space will finally allow me to do so. The retreats will come back too.
  • As a community, I trust that we grow together. I want to listen to you as much as you listen to me. This platform is ours. Tell me your ideas, and what you want to hear from me. 
  • In that spirit, let me tell you about my ultimate dream: to create discussion groups. I won’t use the term group therapy here, because a therapist I am not (yet!) but – and that’s where I am asking you for your ideas – let me know how you think we could make this work.

How to make it work for you.

  • Engage as it makes you happy. Some of you will be happy just receiving the weekly letter in their inbox, others will want to come here to view videos, listen to podcasts and participate in The Conversation. Any event or new content will be announced in The Bulletin, but in the newsletter too, so don’t worry, you won’t miss it.
  • Please respect my work and privacy as well as the privacy of other members by not sharing what you see in The Conversation unless you have asked the author. 

How we communicate 🙂 

  • I closed the comments everywhere on the site, in order to spark more thoughtful interactions in The Conversation. You can still send me a private email here of course! Find The Conversation’s guidelines here. Talk to you there!

Not a member yet? You can become one here.



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