“Why would one say “Ibitha?” I don’t get it. Do you say, “Hey, I’m going to España?”

What, this? 

This was just me, being the usual nag I am as my boyfriend and I were discussing our imminent departure to Ibiza. That’s when our WhatsApp group erupted with yet another one of these bloody voice memos: “Wooohhhoo!!! We’re on our way to Aiiibeeeethaaaa!!!”

I gave up.

I had never been to Ibiza, and I wouldn’t say the destination was top of mind, but when a group of friends offered to share with us a house on the island, my boyfriend immediately loved the idea and booked us another house.

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Hotel California

The sun was beating hard as I was walking down the streets of Los Angeles, gripping at my coffee, tip toeing amongst my emotions. I knew they were there, hiding in the hazy morning skies, weaved in the fibers of a palm tree or the swinging step of that yoga girl passing by.

Really, I didn’t want to face them.

Emotions are overrated, I told myself. Why do we need to let ourselves feel all of them?
Can’t we sometimes, just for a moment, brush them off and move on?

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I had been invited to this podcast and had almost said no. I was in a no time of my life. I would just say, no, no, no. The world was shutting down, I was about to close my company, I had quietly let go of social media. I had lost my confidence in being any type of a public person. Maybe this was it. Maybe I’d just disappear and find peace living an entirely private life.

I knew I had so much to say, so much to write.

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